Philly Steak or Chicken Sandwich

Six ounces of thinly sliced steak or chicken, deliciously prepared and served on an Amoroso Roll. All sandwiched come with fried onions & american cheese. Cheez whiz and provolone cheese also available.

Plain Steak or Plain Chicken Steak

Just as it says... no cheese on this one.

Cheese Steak

Steak or chicken sandwich with cheese

Pepper Cheese Steak

Steak or chicken, cheese with sweet, hot or a mix of peppers

Pizza Steak

Steak or chicken, provolone cheese, pizza sauce & oregano

Mushroom Cheese Steak

Steak or chicken, cheese & mushrooms

Cheese Steak Hoagie

Steak or chicken, cheese, lettuce tomato & mayo

The Works

Steak or chicken, cheese, mushrooms, sweet, hot or a mix of peppers.


Cheese, mushrooms, sweet, hot, or a mix of peppers
The Works Cheesesteak

The Works

Whiz Cheesesteak

Cheese Whiz Steak

Chicken Cheesesteak

Chicken Cheesesteak

Mushroom Cheesesteak

Mushroom Cheesesteak

Philly Hoagies

All our hoagies are made fresh to order on an Amoroso Roll. All hoagies come with 6 ounces of meat with lettuce, tomato, onions & condiments as listed. You can also choose from oil, vinegar, mayonnaise or mustard.


Capacolla, provolone, salami, mortadella, oil & vinegar

Turkey Breast

Fresh sliced turkey breast, american cheese & mayo

Ham and Cheese

Fresh sliced ham, american cheese & mayo


Ham, salami, bologna, american cheese & mayo

Cheese Combo

American, provolone & mayo

Authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and Hoagies in Southern California.

Side Orders

Half orders available upon request
(Half orders may not be available for all sides)

French Fries

Plain fries

Cheese Fries

Fries with Cheese Whiz

Pizza Fries

fries with Cheese Whiz and Pizza Sauce

Seasoned Fries


Onion Rings

Dipping Sauces: Ranch, Whiz, BBQ or Pizza Sauce


Onion wings and fries. Dipping sauces: ranch, Whiz, BBQ or pizza sauce

Chicken Strips

3 strips, fries & choice of ranch, Whiz, BBQ, or pizza sauce

Ultimate Cheese Fries

French fries with either steak or chicken, cheese & onions. Includes drink
Italian Hoagie

Italian Hoagie

Ultimate Fries

Ultimate Fries

Ham And Cheese Hoagie

Ham And Cheese Hoagie

Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries


Ranch Dressing or BBQ Sauce

Cheez Whiz or Pizza Sauce

Lettuce & Tomato

Cheese or Mushrooms or Peppers

Bacon (2 slices)

Macaroni or Patato Salad (8oz)

Steak or Chicken

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Specialty Items

Wise Chips

Assorted 1.25oz bag

Herr's chips (assorted)

Wise Chips

10oz bag


Peanut Chews

Bag of Amoroso Rolls

Breakfast Dish
Philly Franks Meal
Onion Rings
Philly Franks Food

Water Ice

9oz Cup

24oz Cup






Bottled Water

Other Drinks

Snapple, Stewart's, Birch Beer & Franks

What people are saying…

Well, where should I start? My buddy from RB High kept telling me about this place, mouth watering Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I never came here until yesterday, Got the Philly cheese steak with mushroom and grilled onions. One bite everyone knows the rules.....oh man melts in your mouth. Even though I live lil not that far of a drive so worth coming here to get a philly cheese steak. This would be my to go spot for Philly cheese steaks for sure. I gotta try every sandwich on the menu now! Excellent customer service. Since COVID they of course follow the guidelines with sanitizer ect. No seating, just take out. The gentleman over the counter was very polite. I recommend this place to anyone who craves a dang good philly cheese steak.

Alex R.